Monday, June 25, 2012

Hallway Project

I've always seen some really cool ways to display where you've lived on pintrest. Wether it was your first house keys, blue prints to other cool things. I loved the key idea, but I don't have the key's from our houses. Blue prints...I mean we lived in apartments.
So when I started thinking about doing a project like that I remembered that Hubs and I are from different states! So I decided to display the states we lived in. Obviously I didn't live in California and he didn't live in Utah. But I wanted to display them both in our home.
After a lot of looking I found this shop called Orignaux Moose and chose their prints to hang up. I loved everything about the prints they looked fantastic and original too! After ordering them and I bought some frames from Ross to display them.
Here's how it turned out!!...

I love it!! I am currently looking for a saying to put above the frames. I was thinking of...

"Oh the places you'll go the people you'll meet and the things you'll do"

The hubs hates that...what do you think?

Have any other saying you think would work for me?

**disclaimer I was not payed to write about this shop**


Shelly said...

Those are awesome. I'd probably put "oh the places you'll go..." above it. I like that saying. I'd just shorten it if I were doing it.

Chantal said...

How cute!!

Kendall said...

Oh those are awesome!!!

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