Saturday, June 2, 2012

Still in NC

I know I posted about coming home...but plans have changed a lot. I still feel the need to go home asap, but we found out the Hubs will only be home in June, all summer long! So Utah is going to have to wait!

We re-booked my flight for July, a few days before the Hubs takes off to Airborne School so that he can have plenty of time to sleep, pack and be lazy without Evelyn and I all up in his hair. I'll be there for almost 3 weeks before I (hopefully) get to go pick him up at Airborne School in Ft. Benning. I know its a short ceremony, but I have never ever been there for anything. All his promotions happened either before me, or he was in Iraq and the same with re-enlistments. So I have the chance to go and gosh darn it I am gonna go!

After he gets back from Airborne School he'll be going to ALC, and that's a 6 week long course, so I am going to once again head off to Utah and spend some more time with my family. I am not sure if I could handle a toddler by myself for that long of a time.

So our lives will be picked up again in October. Sadly with the Hubs being gone he is going to miss Evelyn's 1st we're gonna throw her an early birthday party. End of the month too. I am pretty excited! I always thought her birthday would be this GIANT event....and Hubs has really made me come back down to earth. She wont remember it, and while I'd love to do something big one day, its not that important when she is not going to remember it. Maybe next year she'll have a big bash!! But its important her Dad is here for her party and that's what matters!


Morgan Neal said...

His he being deployed in October? Or just another school?

Chantal said...

It sounds like he will be super busy, and so will you!

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