Monday, June 18, 2012

First Fathers Day

Our day started off pretty rough. Evelyn has some teeth coming through and she has been having a really hard time with them, more then she usually does. So the Hubs was going to sleep in but Evelyn screamed all morning so he woke up and helped me entertain her. After we got her calmed down we opened his gifts. He got the Weed's Season 7 DVD, a Beer Gift basket, and my parents gave him some money, and the moment he opened up the money he said he wanted Sushi. Sushi on a Sunday....ya. But we found a place and it was actually cheap and really good too. We also had to go get a cupcake or two :)

It turned out to be a really great relaxing day. Lots of family time the way we knew it should be. We grilled some steaks for dinner and I made a Weight Watchers Peach Crumble. Our day ended up with Hubs and I laying on the couch watching movies and then some True Blood. It was just perfect. I was so glad to have him home this year! Hopefully next year he'll be here too!

Evelyn is so lucky to have such a wonderful dad! He loves her to pieces and lets be honest the girl looks exactly like him! He is in such awe of her every time he is around her, I love to watch his face when they play or even the looks on his face when she learns something new. I hope she'll always know how much he loves her and he'll always be here to protect her no matter what! He just wants whats best for his girls and he certainly does his hardest to give us everything and more. I couldn't have asked for Evelyn to have a better dad!

What did you do for Fathers Day?

Evelyns decided that sitting the right way in ANY chair is not the way to do things.
Strawberry and Cream Cicle.


Mary @ This is How My Garden Grows said...

Sounds like a wonderful day!!

Chantal said...

Happy Father's Day to him!

zajanica said...

Sounds like a perfect day. I wish that we still got that excited over it.. I think I need to look into how I have gotten so lax...

Kendall said...

Sounds like a great day :)

We had my in-laws over for a small BBQ.

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