Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Its Madness.

So because the Hubs is going to be gone for Evelyn's 1st Birthday (cue the suck) we're throwing Evelyn a party here in NC at the end of the month. I'm really excited to throw it and I've been thinking about doing this for MONTHS! I know sad right, I'm looking forward to that day. But I gotta admit....I'm not doing anything I thought we'd do.

I'm going to be throwing 2 party's, one here in NC and one back home in Utah. So I don't want to spend my time planning a huge birthday with balloons everywhere and games (which she obviously cannot play) and countless other things. She is turning one and she wont remember, and the more I have started looking into planning this, the more I am realizing how big the Birthday Party industry is.

Some people go way over the top...I do not have the funds to do that. And even if I did, I would much rather buy her toys and things that she'll use for more then one day.

So as this party is coming together, its going to be pretty princess and everything, but not over the top princess. Just nice decor and a pretty cake and of course her own personal cake. We've bought her some presents for her and I'm excited for her to have her own little party with our friends.

One day she'll have a big bash but until then I am just glad to celebrate a day with her and celebrate her one year on this earth! I cant wait to see her face when she gets her own cake!


Kelly said...

Yay for birthdays, and yay for not going over the top! Enjoy it, Mama! It's celebrating your survival through the first year too… and don't you forget it! Happy Birthday, Evelyn!

Joslin said...

First birthdays are so exciting! My mom did the same thing as you, she waited until I turned 4 to throw a big party. That way I could enjoy it. Happy birthday to your little one!

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