Thursday, June 28, 2012

Birthday Party!

Evelyn is going to be turning 1 on the 20th and because we knew the Hubs would be leaving for Airborne school before her birthday we wanted to throw a birthday party for her here in NC. Well it was supposta be on Saturday but the Army changed plans and we ended up having to do it yesterday. It was a pain to learn we had 24 hours to finish party planning but we knew we wanted to do it so we really really did it, and we are so glad we did! Really great memories!
These two outfit we got for Evelyn to wear on her Birthday. I know it wasn't her actual Birthday but its probably the only first birthday the Hubs will get to experience with her. So I wanted to go all out! We got the "Birthday Girl" onsie from Carters (on sale) and the Pink and Purple Dress from Zuily! The Pink and Purple dress ended up becoming a theme for the party. It turned out super good!
We had pink and purple balloons all over the house! This is just a little bit that we showed. We got so much of the decor on sale and it all worked out perfectly to fit into the theme. We got 2 different grab bags for the kids. The girls had a crown and wand in theirs and the boys had a sherrifs badge and handcuffs plus all the assorted candy from Party City.
I know your wondering "wtf why 4 cakes"...well 2 of the cakes we're for Evelyn. Cinderella we payed for but the 1 cake was free. The other 2 cakes was not supposta happen. We were only going to get the Princess cake and get it in a bigger size but we thought people would cancel since we had the change the party so suddenly but low and behold everyone said they we're still coming so we picked up and extra cake. But of course not everyone showed we ended up with a full cake left over.

Now of course we had Evelyn eat her Cinderella, it was very fun to watch her eat it. I knew she wouldn't hesitate to dig right in and eat it.
It was quite the mess! I wish we had put her out on our deck, but we bought an extra table cloth to put under the high chair so the mess on the floor wasnt bad. She got cake all over her body! Even in her toes! She made sure to flip all over too so we had cake blinds! It was all worth it. My only concern was how to bathe her!

Evelyn was lucky to get a few presents. We wanted to get her a few things from us and we were grateful some of our friends from here could get her a few. She really enjoyed opening presents and seeing all her new things! She had such a blast and made plenty of new friends!
It was such a blast to have this party for her! She'll be getting another one in Utah with my side of the family so I'm very excited to see how she does with all her cousins! We might have even got her a kiddy pool with a slide for the party!...but who knows ;)


Lyzz said...

Sorry I couldn't make it, I was hoping to bring by a present tomorrow after my computer tests.

Chantal said...

How fun! I'm looking forward to Penny's first birthday too!

Our Little Fam said...

Looks like so much fun! Love her outfits!

____j said...

I love the pics of her smashing her cake! So much fun!

Kendall said...

That looks like so much fun! I love her cakes.

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