Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Fifty Shades

I really wanted to be upfront and honest in this post. I know alot of people who think about reading this book, and I understand the resistance to read it, because I was one of those people.
I finally decided to read this book after Lyzz from Defying Gravity read the book. We sat and talked about it and I was really intrigued. I'll be honest I'm not a girl who has ever looked at pornography. There's a few members in my family addicted to pornography, and I have always been one to steer very clear away from it. But I am also one of those people...or "those girls" who jump on the bandwagon and get in on what everyone is talking about! (except twilight I read that before the hype.). So I read the sample on the kindle and really liked it, but kept my guard up about the story.
Most people know this book as "girl porn" or "the book where the girl falls for a man into S&M"...and I am here to break that.
It has sex in it...ok!! Yes there's whips and a few chains...but I'll tell you there is more "vanilla" sex then there is BDSM. Honestly. I call it "vanilla sex" because that's what Christian Grey calls it in the book. If you dont think you can get over the fact there is sex in the book...and I am not talking about "and he made love to me" kind of sex...I'm talking "pulled his tie off and wrapped it around my wrists.." and so on and so forth, then dont read the book. My husband asked me at one point how many pages do I do without a sex scene in the book...and honestly the longest is about 10 pages. At least thats how it felt. Do I wish there was less sex in the book? Sometimes...but its more because I wanted to know more of the story then the sex relationship. 
All in all the story between Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele is amazing! I loved it! For those that didn't like the writing, I agree. it could definitely be better...but you know what...Twilight could have been better written too.

If you've never heard of this series...you must be living under a rock. But just for a gist of the book...

Fifty Shades of Grey is about a woman named Anastasia Steele who meets a very rich man, that she becomes completely obsessed with...not in a bad way. He seems to be popping up everywhere she goes and they start a relationship but he hasnt told her his secret. 
It goes on about how he became the way he is and how she is dealing with him being who he is. Their relationship is very amazing to read, the way she feels about him is very beautifully written. 

Once again I'll say..if you cant get over the fact that their is some rough sex in the book, then I wouldn't recommend reading it. I however read the books in less then a week. I loved them and I was addicted to the characters and what was going on with them! 
If you have any questions about the book let me know.

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Julie Danielle said...

Well said! I have heard a few people come out strongly against the book and I guess I just don't see it. Yes it has sex in it, more than a normal book would have and yes it was different than a normal sexual relationship but the story line pretty much explains why. I get the feeling people assume it is one big book of sex when it is much more than that.

Our Family of Four said...

It took me 5 days to read them, and I love them! (And I may or may not have some fantasy crush on Christian, haha.) But I agree with you.. People just need to be mature about the sex stuff, because the story in between is beautiful!

Kendall said...

I'm still on the third book.

Chantal said...

Eh I don't mind the sex. I just can't get past the writing!

A Girl said...

Thanks for posting the review! I know we've chatted a bit about them and I borrowed them from a friend to read. :) I have a feeling my feelings will mirror yours. :) But now I wish I wasn't in the middle of a different book so I could get started LOL!

Kathryn said...

Very well written. I believe the author even said it wasn't the best writting in the world, especially seeing as it was her first book. I don't think the book was ever meant to be a literay classic, but it sure is a page turner. :)

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