Wednesday, June 20, 2012

11 Months!

Dear Evelyn
 WOW where has the time gone! Your almost a year old and your Daddy and I cannot believe it! Your the funniest thing ever! You've got the best personality and we are so blessed to be your parents! This month you started WALKING! and you've really mastered it! You can walk all the way across the house and around the corner, and almost anywhere! You feel entitled to everything you can walk to know though which is honestly a pain, but you are so funny trying to run to the places you know you shouldn't be. Your such a beautiful girl, I'm so glad I am your Mommy. Best job in the world!!

Love Mommy.

Diapers-Size 3!

Clothes- Out of most 6-9 months and into your 9 months.

Sleep- Sleeping all night except latley, you got 2 more teeth coming in and its hard on you. About to start sleep training you again.

Food- Hating baby food now, so we're onto regular grown up food! Except you'll still be having baby yogart.

Teeth- You have 6 teeth!! 2 on the way!! Wish you'd get some more bottom teeth!

Firsts- WALKING! You really close to running too. You've been going to the pool alot! 


Megan said...

I can't believe how big she is already!! She is such a cutie!

Julie Danielle said...

What a sweet smile she has :)

Chantal said...

Big girl!!

Kendall said...

I'm so jealous she is walking.

My 13.5 month old doesn't crawl or walk. :(

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