Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Show Your Country Sweepstakes

You may know that Tim McGraw recently released some headphones with JBL these headphones have been called the best! They sound they produce is amazing and its ment to be as clear as artists want you hear their music.
I was offered by the company to try out these headphones. Of course I was definitely willing to try them out. I am a huge music fan, and obviously I love Tim McGraw. So when I recived them and Evelyn was tucked away in bed for nap time I busted the headphones out and tried them.

I of course had to test them against other headphones of mine. They are said to be completely different then regular headphones.

And so to test out the headphones, I turned on Tim McGraw's new song with Kenny Chesney, Feel Like A Rock Star! (if you haven't heard it..its pretty killer)

Of course the no comparison! Perfect sound!! I'm defiantly getting rid of my pink cheap headphones and sticking with these!

JBL is having a Sweepstakes!

 The prizes:

  • 38 winners (one per selected tour stop) will receive: an exclusive VIP pre-concert experience with Tim McGraw and two tickets to see Tim and Kenny Chesney at the Brothers of the Sun show later that night. McGraw will be putting on a pre-show just for a small group of fans, including each winner of the Show Your Country Sweepstakes, at most tour stops. 
  • 100 winners will receive an autographed pair of the new JBL Tim McGraw Artist Series headphones  

To enter the contest:

  • Upload photos, videos or text entries that shows Tim McGraw and JBL what country means to you 
  • Entries can be submitted through Instagram, Twitter, or through the JBL Facebook page 
  • If using Twitter or Instagram, each post needs two hashtags:  #JBLyourcountry and your state abbreviation plus the concert city you want to win tickets for e.g. example: #JBLyourcountryMA #Foxborough OR #JBLyourcountryMD #WashingtonDC

Note: Refer to sweepstakes website for full listing of concert dates (not all Brothers of the Sun tour stops are eligible)

CLICK HERE to enter!!


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