Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ol' Hallows Eve.

So Halloween is my favorite holiday (with Christmas close behind), its so different from all the other holidays! Today Hubby and I have an FRG meeting, and then we are going to pick out pumpkins! I am super excited because this will be our First Halloween spent together, so we will have spent every holiday together at least once!
Last year I did my own pumpkins and turns out Paul has NEVER done a pumpkin. Crazy right!?!? He was raised alot more different then I was, and he never got to do alot of traditional kids things for holidays. Its been super fun to do them with him! We did Easter eggs together too, and he loved it! We forgot the vinegar so we used pickle juice....and yes it worked! Its so much fun!
So I had a question for everyone!

Whats your favorite holiday and the tradition you love that goes along with it?


Poekitten said...

My favorite holiday is the stretch from Thanksgiving to Christmas. I feel like Thanksgiving is the kickoff to Christmas...what better way to start than by giving thanks? I love decorating for Christmas. I love buying and giving gifts.

I love carving pumpkins! When you post about your pumpkin carving, go link it up at the CW...http://windmillers.blogspot.com/2010/10/pumpkin-masta.html

Erin said...

Halloween is my favorite too! I just love the spooky feeling of it!

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