Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fall For Me.

WOW. I miss Fall. Here at FR there are plenty of trees, but it seems like half the trees turned colors and the next day fell off the tree...so I missed out on alot and I hate it. There is still green and in my home town they are all orange red, and yellow, and they just got some of their first snow.
Can you blame me?....

I love October. The colors, the smells, and the weather. Its amazing...but maybe its only amazing (for me) in my home state. I cannot figure out why Hubby wants to end up in Nevada instead of this beautiful place.


Lacey said...

Omg its a beautiful picture you submit it to the fall photo contest GI Joes wife is holding!

Audrey Spence said...

It is beautiful here! Although there is snow on the mtns you can still see the reds from the trees and all our tree in our neighborhood are turning green to red... they're amazing! We do have some awesome falls....I've fallen for fall! No more crispy Cali falls where everything turns brown and crispy

Committed said...

October is the BEST. When my surroundings don't satisfy my need for fall, I try to bake warm scented things and watch movies with leaves changing (usually taking place in New England...) I hope you find your autumn soon, dear. The picture of home is beautiful.

annoyed army wife said...

Not to knock your home state, but fall just isn't fall here. You need to see the fall colors on the east coast or in the midwest to really appreciate the rainbow of fall colors. I'm so jaded all I see here is brown, yellow brown, and yellow. :(

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