Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My Day Book.

So I find myself ending this day alone. Hubby wants to sleep early all the time, and I'm not ready when he is, so here I am. I found a cool new thing The Simple Womans Day Book which seemed like another fun questionnaire.

Outside my window... ~ Is utter darkness. Quite peaceful.

I am thinking... ~ How dumb single soldiers can be...texting my sleeping hubby at 11pm when he gets up at 5..just curious what they are thinking.

I am thankful for... ~ Everything I have. My husband who wants to give me everything, and protect me from anything.

I am wearing... ~ My hubbys Dane Cook concert t-shirt, my sissys shorts and barefooted.

In the learning room... ~ Laptop and LA Ink.

I am remembering... ~ That everyones gone though different things, its not me to judge.

I am going... ~ insane waiting for leave to come up!

I am currently reading... ~ The Notebook, hopefully starting tomorrow.

I am hoping... ~ Time flys by.

On my mind... ~How peacefully my hubby is sleeping.

Noticing that... ~ Life throws a million curve balls.

Pondering these words... "Life is not a fairytale"

From the kitchen... ~ theres dishes to be put away...but I just dont feel like it.

Around the house... ~ There's always blankets.

One of my favorite things ~ my bad trashy reality tv :)

From my camera...~ Hubby and I picking out clothes to wear for deployment pictures. My tank is hot pink not purple by the way. I am gonna miss him.


Poekitten said...

I love using the day book...I find it to be a great way to get my thoughts together. Enjoy the remaining time with your hubby!

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