Monday, October 18, 2010

back at FR

So Hubby and I made it safely back to FR. It was a wonderful trip to get away from here, and visit some family! We had such a blast! Now that we are back, its CRUNCH TIME....BLUGALUG! Preparing sucks...I have caught myself just staring at Hubby a few times and just crying. He knows I am a strong person, but while he is here...I just want to enjoy every moment. I know every army wife can do this, well when you put your mind to it, 12 months isnt forever. He will be home before I know it.

Heres a few pictures of what Hubby and I did. I got so much to do in my house! I have no clothes! I have been in PJ's all day, but I am not complaining. Hope everyone's weekend was amazing!
 Hubbs and Our Nephew
 At the Olympic Park
At an Amusement Park
Our crickets!
We did it with our Nephew.
My two veterans!
Grandpa served in Korean War.


Lacey said...

wow this pictures are awesome! Glad your enjoying your time. the veterans picture touches my heart, it is so beautiful. Stay strong girl!

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