Friday, October 22, 2010

Rooms, and A Fallen Soldier.

So I do not have children, nor am I expecting. So I can't do this one, which is a bummer on many levels...but I thought I would post this up for my new followers.
Its called show us your life at Kelly's Korner and she does alot of things. I loved being able to show off my house before its all packed up! I tried to look and see if she was going to do living rooms, but I can't find it so maybe hopefully next week she'll do that! I'd love to show you all my awesome RED couch :) Plus all my new cute Halloween decorations! If she doesnt do it I will just show you anyways!.

So other then my regular Friday posts, Hubby and I are pretty sick. It really sucks! We had a pumpkin carving party this weekend with our friends and their kids, but looks like we might have to either wait or do it alone.

I decided I should do a blog on this boy from my home town who just recently died in Afghanistan.

We will call him 'J'

J died last week in Afghanistan aiding another solider in combat. J was a medic, and was absolutely doing his job. He has a one month old son, who he was able to witness the birth of this son, before going to Afghanistan. I didn't know J more then just him hanging around my brother and through a lot of passing's. From what I hear and I am continuing to hear is how awesome he was! I never knew he aspired to be a doctor, he has been married as long as I have, he was his class president in high school. So many things I am learning.
We have all recently learned that the WBC will be attending his funeral to protest. I fully wish I could be there to support his family, but also know I probably wouldn't go to the actual funeral, since losing my sister I know how personal those are. My dad has informed me ALOT of people at his work will be joining the Freedom Riders and plenty of other vets to place a guard between them and the families. I honestly would love to be apart of that, though I don't think I would be rude enough to interrupt the funeral...I would definitely be punching if someone got in my face.
If you are not aware of the WBC, they are a "church", the West Burrough Baptist Church, who take FULL pride in protesting military funerals. From what I understand, they believe our soldiers died because God hates them. I know they are fundamentally apart of the God Hates Fags part in our world. I honestly cannot even consider these people christian. I choose not to research these people, because I decided a long time ago that I wouldn't give attention to people who don't deserve it. I don't know what they teach, and I do not care. I know they made a documentary on them, and I refuse to watch them bash our military and human being's.
If you haven't heard of the Patriot Riders...HERE is their website. They are the people who build a line between the families and the protesters. They are all veterans, and big bad motorcycle veterans! I have met plenty! They are awesome! I love bikers! They are such softy's!....well sometimes.
J will never be forgotten, though his death has stirred up alot of emotions in my life, he died a hero. Aiding another solider in combat, I cannot imagine what was going through his head at the time. But for anyone who reads this....his funeral is today, and I know that just by reading this so many of you will continue to have your thoughts with his family. I know today is not my day of being selfish, its not my day to think about my husband leaving me, its not my day to worry about packing...its the day to thank god for our fallen soldiers. Thank god for our military for keeping us safe. Thank god that my husband is so brave. Thank god that so many people I know are so brave. Thank you god for keeping America, The land of the free because of the brave.
Rest in Paradise J, you will have a great one. My thoughts and prayers are always with you and your family.
(I erased his last name and rank for privacy for his family. Anyone who wishes to make a donation to his son can contact me and I will give you in information.)
This photo belongs to the family and Tooele Transcript


Lacey said...

hey, i wrote a post on this as well if you wanna check it out..its just news video mainly..
i feel ya girl..oh and my husband is involved in the patriot riders...its really sad people do that at funerals your music!

annoyed army wife said...

The visitation last night had a huge turn out. I waited about an hour in line. It was really heartwarming to see all the whole community come out to show their support and to express their sympathies. There were flags all over the funeral home's lawn - it was quite a sight.

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