Monday, October 11, 2010

Quick Post!

Hi everyone! I am having a super awesome good leave and had about 10 minutes to write something really quick!
I thought I'd let you all know...I am going to move home! I have such overwhelming support here and its amazing being home! Although when we went shopping for a few decorations for Thanksgiving, I cried looking at Christmas trees. It sucks looking and knowing he wont be here, but Hubby gives me all the support to tell me to buy what I think I want, so when he is home we dont have to go nuts buying stuff! Less for him to do, I think.
Leave is really awesome! I love being here! I miss my blogging a bit but I know you all get it! I need to enjoy it. I love hanging out with hubby! Its the best thing ever.
Well I will be back for sure on Friday! I was wondering...what are you all doing this week? Thanks for all your support on all my posts you guys are the best followers ever!


Lacey said...

hey im your newest follower!! i have been browsing...and first i love the music and your posts!! have fun with him while you got him!!

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