Monday, October 25, 2010

Holiday, Shmaladay

So Hubby and I just got done deciding all the things we will get..oh wait let me correct that, I will get for everyone for the holidays, needless to say I really thinks he baby's his mom a lot! but that's a different story...but it sucks having to talk about it. He is just leaving so close to the Holidays, it should be like Basic, they wont take you into Basic after a certain time line, but when your not a newbie, you deploy when they say. It blows! I would have loved to of had our first Christmas and our 1st Anniversary spent together, but we have a huge thing planned for R&R.....My Family for a few days, Las Vegas for a night, L.A for 3 or 4 days (DISNEYLAND!), then his mommas house for a few days then back to my family's. Long time but full of events! At least that's the plan....
I am pretty jealous of anyone who gets to decorate their home for the holidays this year, I am moving home and its a personal choice, but it doesn't make me any less jealous. I plan on buying my tree this year and possibly decorating it. I went back and forth on ideas on what to far as traditional and non-traditional. I decided a Candy Cane Tree, and no not a tree with actual candy canes thrown on it, something like this...
I like that. Classic Colors. I found a frosted tree with bright colored lights that I love and want!
Ahh its a fools paradise I know! I shouldn't do this to myself. I should take advantage of after holiday sales and wait it out, but I am such a freak. I want this so bad. I was really looking forward to it. This is my first married deployment and its super hard thinking I wont get him. I am in my own little world of "why me" but I should be grateful next year I get my husband back and we get to do all the shopping together, with a little extra money. I am happy for the wives that get their husbands back when mine leaves. Its hard to think that way, but honestly I hope they feel for me that mine is leaving. It would be awesome if everyone thought that way...
So with Halloween this weekend.......I wonder what its like here. I am not sure if they do what they do in my home state...if Halloween falls on a Sunday, you can count on your trick-or-treaters coming on Saturday.
I have also been thinking I should do a HUGE romantic thing for Hubby before he leaves, we already have a big date night in the works for his final days of being together....but what is considered romantic for a boy? He has already done a bed covered in rose petals and champagne for me, clique but so amazing! Maybe I should throw on lingerie and grab a beer and hand it to him! HA HA HA! If you have suggestions I would love to hear them! You military wives know exactly how it is!
If I haven't said it already a friend of mine and I are have a faux Thanksgiving Dinner for our husbands and some friends, which I am super excited for! My dad, in preparation for marriage, made me cook dinner last year. Pretty much all of it! I prepped the turkey and did a lot of the fixings. I was pretty exhausted doing it but it turned out amazing! Hubby was so proud. We are doing it on the 3rd, and my friend has left me in charge of doing pretty much.......alot of it. She's got the turkey since we are doing it at her house, but I got desert's and a few sides. My favorite desert is Pumpkin Gooey Butter Cake, it so delicious! Here is the recipe. Hubby really likes canned cranberrys..........ew.
So todays post is just a blah one...but thanks to Guinn and Bare It she's got a Halloween link up for tomorrow. I will be doing that tomorrow plus I will be getting my deployment pictures from my mother! I am so excited to see them and I can't wait to see what you guys think!
By the way....What is your favorite side with Thanksgiving? I'd love suggestions and ideas!


Audrey Spence said...

So for R&R where in Vegas do you plan to stay? I recommend Vdara.... Scott and I stayed there and it is amazing. I posted about it on my blog back in May and have some pics. It was so nice and totally worth every penny.
As for Halloween, I'd expect kids on Sunday. For me growing up in Cali that's how it was. Pretty sure that's just a UT thing.
For Thanksgiving... oh man... well it is my favorite holiday... because of the food mainly :) But I love the traditional sweet potatoes with marshmallows cooked on top. My mom adds butter and brown sugar and cinnamon to them and they are soooo good. We also have a tradition of these things called yummy rolls. It's basically refrigerator biscuits placed in a bunt pan and you melt butter, sugar and a little oj together then pour it on the biscuits and cook 'em... they are gooey and sweet and really yummy. Super easy recipe. If you want it and wanna try it out... let me know.

C said...


I'm new to your blog- my husband is deployed, and believe me when I say that we all feel for you when your husband's rotation comes up! It sucks. And what sucks even more is how much you resent everything (including him) but can't without feeling a huge guilt because he's off fighting the good fight.

You can't win- that is, until you get into your own routine and make goals for yourself while he's away! Honestly, that's my best advice- try to do something you've wanted to do, will help you in your career, practice a new skill, whatever. He'll be proud, and you won't sink into the "why me's".

And romantic...well, personally I think the best gifts are the most thoughtful but not necessarily expensive. If he mentioned he really wanted to see this one movie, take him out to see it! If he just wants to come home and relax with you, give him a little back rub while you're hanging out. Truly, I think the little things are the ones you remember!

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