Saturday, October 16, 2010

Is it Support?

So if this blog offends anyone I do apologize right up front, but this has been on my mind the last few days...

Here in my hometown, we had our first US Soldier die in Afghanistan...he was 19, almost 20. I didnt know him more then just from passing. It was in our newspaper and they talked about how he was a newlywed, he had just been home for R&R to have his wife give birth to their son, a few weeks after returning he was shot in combat, trying to save another solider. He did die a true hero, and thats something his wife and son should be very proud of. He did his job (which he was a medic) and died helping someone else, thats a real hero.

But from that has become alot of...well talk, as always. There is always alot of talk surrounding those things....but I have been wondering if some of the things people say...that are positive, are really support.

Its something that a few people have wrote on FB about this tragic incident, that make me wonder. They dont know the soldier, but are very patriotic and post things on FB about it. No harm right? But when the family member of the soldier posts a photo of the casket on american soil with the flag over it really appropriate for these people who do not know the soldier to post it as well? I am not sure. In my own personal opinion, would I want someone to do that to my husband? hell no. Its personal.

Another thing is when these people post...the soliders just need to come home, is that support? I know they should come home...but I also believe they are doing the right thing by staying...I have certainly not forgotten 9/11 at all. I support my husband and everything he does, he loves what he does, he is good at it. I want him home, but I know he needs to do his job. I want our soliders to be successful.
As military wives we know that we take the risk of our solider's going overseas and not coming home. We all know it, and we all pray it wont happen. Its a really different life, but everytime I hear someone say They Need to Come Home, I cannot help but be on the fence about it, sometimes I am even offended by it. I want them home...I would love my soldier to never have to deploy, but we all know...there will always be another deployment. I do honestly believe it would be wrong, to just up and leave Afghanistan. Bin Laden, and his followers have attacked american soil, they killed thousands of innocent people, and these people should be a daily reminder of what they are there for. Victims of 9/11 and those who have died in the war, deserve our respect for us to finish what we started.

So for my question.....Is it really any support for us to "glamorize" a death of a soldier, by non-family members to post things on any social network that should be personal? 
and...Is it support for those not in the military life, to tell us...that our soliders, who love what they do and are there for the right reasons, that we should pull out because of the danger? or should we finish what they (they being the terrorists) started?

Once again, if this offends anyone I am truly sorry.


armywife_b2010 said...

I dont think that non family of this soldier or any soldier should post pics of the casket bc it is personal. now posting on facebook about rememberance I think is fine.

Audrey Spence said...

Well since I don't have any direct ties to the military... I honestly would feel weird posting pics and stuff about someone in my town dying in combat. Especially if I had never met them. As far as posting something like prayers going out to their family or like armywife above said in remembrance, I think that's ok. And I get annoyed when people says that they need to come home too. These men and women are doing amazing things for people who do not have the resources themselves. A family we knew back in Cali, the husband served 18 months in Iraq to help build something... can't remember what it was. But they were teaching people how to build their homes and what not better. Of course all military families would love to have their spouses or sons/daughters, or siblings home. But they have made a huge sacrifice so a war does not have to be fought on our soil and they are able to help people in ways their own country hasn't been able to. I can't even begin to imagine how hard it is for military spouses but I'm so thankful for anyone in the military and their family. They are what makes this country great and keeps us free.

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