Friday, October 8, 2010

Show Us Your Kichen!

Again over at Kellys Korner we are doing kitchens! Of course I don't have the most high tech kitchen since I am renting, but I consider mine a really nice one. Everything matches and everything works! Its all basically pretty easy to clean. My kitchen isn't as straightened up as it usually is. I usually don't have a lot on my counter tops but because we are getting ready to go on leave I just haven't cared too much. I got a million lists on my fridge too tee-hee. So there is my kitchen! I'll be back in a few hours to do my Friday Fill In :)


Joyce said...

Just hopping around from Kelly's Korner...hoping your hubs stays safe and sound during his deployment.

Anonymous said...

Love your kitchen! Those dining table chairs look so comfy! Thank Your DH for serving his country!! Hats off to you both.

The Peacock's Tale said...

Wow! good luck with the second deployment. Thank you for sharing something so personal about your sister. I am sorry for your loss.

Anonymous said...

I loved your title for the party!! It is a cute little kitchen-

Lori McKinzie said...

Hopping over from Kelly's Korner..your kitchen is way cute..I am also a military wife going on 11 years of service I am now a follower I love for you to add me as well . Have a very blessed weekend.

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