Sunday, October 31, 2010

Date Night/Decision/Saw7

So thank you to those who wrote me on my last post. I did decide next time he starts acting like that I am going to make sure he talks to a wall! LOL. He did alot better the rest of the night, which I was thankful for.


So after it all got better we took off to Chili's which I was surprised to find that I liked something there! Original ribs! YUMMY. It had a way delicious sauce on it. I also ordered my first martini, Appletini!
After that Hubby and I took off to the theater to see SAW 7 in 3D, and if you dont know me...I love all the SAW movies. I own them all and they really dont gross me out too bad, so I was really excited to see this especially in 3D.
Now I had a blogger friend ask me to do a review on this is me being blunty honest...if you dont wanna read it, I suggest you skip over the next paragraph. No worries I wont ruin the ending.

The whole movie felt like it was similar....only it was. Reminded me ALOT of another SAW movie. Like I said I am pretty into the franchise, and it just seemed way too familiar to me. Towards the end of the movie I started thinking "wow I can't wait to see if the ending is worth it"....well it was!!! It kinda left me bummed that it was the last SAW but it also ended it very good!! I would recommend it. Hopefully when I see it again it wont be as boring in the middle. Oh yes and the beginning is AMAZING.

So when we got home we turned on Freddy VS Jason, which actually bored me pretty good too, we didnt even finish it. But it such gave me a good Freddy nightmare! I woke up and grabbed onto Hubby and he freaked out! But thats ok it scared me to death! I love Halloween!!!
Anyways other then this stuff, this morning Hubby and I put up our last Halloween decorations outside. So heres what it looks like now! :)
 He wouldnt let me take our pictures in the theater so we did it at home.
Cute nerd!
 dont you love our totally wrong "X"
says: Happy Halloween

 I love my Frank! He is so cute.
We gave him a little friend.
We did have to throw away one pumpkin..
it looked terrible.
 The lights are Orange and candy corn :)


Lacey said...

awe your frankenstien is adorable!

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