Tuesday, June 21, 2011

36 Weeks!!

Well everyone I am finally in crunch time!!! She could litterally come at any moment but lets hope she waits at least 3 weeks!
I planned on posting more personal photos today...but my mothers laptop crashed and this computer is being a pain in the rear so unfortunetly I cannot show you everything I wanted to show you.
First off! if you read my post on Friday you know Baby Love isnt growing too well, so I need another ultrasound so my belly isnt growing very much. But I took a picture just to show you :)

In my baby books it says it is now time to prepare for the hospital so I printed off a check list from Baby Center which all you mommies can click *here* if you want the same list. I found some of it kind of pointless, but I packed alot of it up. My mom and I went to Babies R Us and bought everything else I needed that I didnt get at my Baby Shower and stopped off at Target to get me a travel bag, since I have mine in storage 1,000 miles away..plus get me some tops that would be easier to nurse in. (one of which I am wear in this photo...its so comfortable!!) My bag is so cute I love it!!
I also had to pack up my diaper bag! Which was very strange...I knew what I needed but to make sure I didnt miss a thing I got another check list, which is right *here*. Thank goodness I did it because I would have forgotten Diaper Rash cream. Also some of it I skipped too since shes a newborn and I wont be taking her out in the sun so I found it pointless to pack sunscreen...but I will buy it just in case.
It all was a fun process to do, even though I avoided doing it...everything is starting to seem so very real. Its exciting but I just hope she waits for Daddy to be home. Cross your fingers!!
I ran upstairs and snapped this picture..
the blue bag is my hospital bag (cute huh!)
and then my diaper bag which I got from Babies R Us.
The little do-dad in the front of the D.B is a pacifer holder.
(sorry its not good quality I had to use my cell phone)

Also to let you all know...I'm totally nesting and I dont like it!
But thats a post for another day :)


Kaylee said...

Awhhhh, wow! I really can't believe it's almost here for you, It seems like just yesterday you were 27 or 28 weeks. But then again I am hitting 33 weeks so I can believe it, ha.
Love the bags! I will most likely really start nesting next week because we are finally moving into our new place and I can set up Harper's room. I am so excited. These girls will be here before we know it!

Ash@Life As Lucy said...

girl i was sure regretting that I wasn't prepared at like 30 weeks lol. I had Caylee at 36 weeks on the dot. Was in labor 3 days and didn't even know and went in thinking i was dehydrated and was 7 cm dilated! GET YOUR STUFF READY lol. you're full term! bahaha. I'm so excited for you!

Mike and Jen said...

I had mine ready at like.. 35 weeks, haha. It's better to be prepared for anything!
I used the list on baby center too, and so much of it was not needed. Half of the stuff in my bag wasn't even touched. Next time I won't be packing near as much haha. You don't even really need anything for the baby.. The hospital gives you everything, but its always good to have your own anyway:) Just make sure you have your own personal care stuff on top of the bag.. Pads, cause the hospital ones I hated. And shampoo, a brush, lotion, stuff like that. I took my own night gown and I am so glad I did, it was much more comfy. But thats just my two cents, haha. Im so excited for you!

Audrey Spence said...

I never packed a bag early. Go me. I was induced though and just packed the night before. But I found it was kind of a waste. I never wore any of my own clothes in the hospital until I left. I bled quite a bit after and didn't want to ruin my stuff so I used all the hospitals stuff and just wore my own stuff home. I had a nice stash of dvds though and had plenty of time to hang out and watch movies.

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