Thursday, June 23, 2011

Memorial Service

Today is the Memorial Service for the 6 soldiers who died as a result of a attack from enemy fire on my husband Batallion in Iraq.
Last time I wrote about this only 5 had died, but sadly one who was injured and sent home passed away in Boston only 5 days later.

I cannot personally attened the service at Riley from being too close to my due date. Because I can't I decided to take a moment of silence with my family and pray for the rest of the troops to come home safely.
This has not been an easy thing for any of the boys, concidering nothing even close to this happened last deployment. Continue to pray for these soliders and their families. God Bless America.

"the flag still stands for freedom and they cant take that away.."

SPC Robert P. Hartwick
PFC Michael C. Olivieri
PFC Christopher B. Fishbeck
PFC Michael B. Cook
PFC Emilio J. Campo JR
SPC Marcos A. Cintron


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