Monday, June 6, 2011

Are You Out Yet???

I have 6 more weeks of being pregnant. While I thought I would be able to enjoy this time a lot more, I am learning that I am so far over being pregnant it isn't even funny! I am so beyond ready to get her out! Not only to see her beautiful face, but I am not sleeping well if at all! I have major back pains! Not to mention my braxton hicks contractions have been so awful that they have brought me to tears. I am pretty sure my labor is going to be pretty rough!
Right now its 80 degrees least that's what my car says. Its not sunny anymore and a little windy, but still nice...and I am sitting in my recliner with my feet up, laptop on my lap, and a heating pad on my back. I wish I was outside! I am sweating even more because of this damn heating pad, but because today I am constantly having major back pains and those braxton hicks, I dont want to go very far. Anytime I move its like I need a fork lift to help me.
I never ever wanted to be one of those woman who complained about how fat they are when they are obviously pregnant...but no joke I absolutely feel like a whale! If I try to do anything I get worn out, and when I move from place to place...or even worse seat to seat I am limping from the pains in my back, and almost waddling. If I bend over my daughter gladly pushes on me to let me know how much she hates it. I'm almost to the point of needing help to stand up...seriously you do feel like a whale when your huge and your balance is off centered.

Other then all the hard things...I am dying to see what she looks like. Really honestly. We have this one ultrasound photo, when I was about 14 weeks and she has her daddy's face! The shape of it and everything! I absolutely loved that she looked like Hubby! But the last ultrasound we had when I was 20 weeks you could see her face had changed dramatically! I cannot even tell you who she looked like. Half of me hopes she really looks like one of us, but considering I have 2 nephews who look exactly like me...its hard to say she might end up looking like someone else!
Shes also moving a ton! I'm loving every kick and punch! Shes deffinitly a feisty one!

I'm so excited to meet her!! 6 more weeks and I can finally hold her!


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