Monday, June 6, 2011

Maternity Photos

So if you remember I had a HUGE surprise for my husband that was my maternity photos! He didn't know I was getting them done while I was in Arizona...I had originally planned on doing them with my cousin Karly in Idaho...but I because I was going down there and my cousin Becky did my Senior Photos I really wanted her to do my maternity's. I thought I had been sneeky and such...and so I posted on my blog one of the photos that I had done you can check that post out *Here* even husband never reads my blog.....I was wrong! He reads it. He never tells me he does and I figured he lost interest since I tell him EVERYTHING anyways...but nope one day he calls me and says "so you got pictures done I see".....damn it. So I did a few other things for him which I will not post...ya hear that hunny! But I figured my readers would love to see how great these photos turned out...enjoy!!


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