Thursday, June 2, 2011


I feel as if the blogging community is silent today....and its not a holiday or anything? so...I'm a little curious. I guess its the lords good way of telling me to get my pregnant butt up and clean.

my parents house is having an ant problem...gah! its ugly! I even found them in my shower...while I was in the shower. Ya its pretty nasty. Guess I should go clean.

My dad and lil' brother went to the slot canyons this weekend so its a girls weekend for my mom and lil' sis. Yeah the Slot Canyons are from the movie 127 Hours...they have been on a "quest" to find his arm. Its been really rainy here and pretty wet, so I'm hoping they dont get trapped in the canyons when they fill up with water....

Totally wish I was there!


Lou said...

that would be so creepy if they found the arm....ewww

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