Thursday, June 30, 2011


Today I am so happy! My best friend Kylie who I have known since I was 12! Is here! Her husband has been deployed with my husband for the last 7 1/2 months and is here for R&R...Kylie didnt move home for the deployment and I havent been able to see her so I am super excited to see her.
When you have little to no interaction with any other MILSpouses it really does take a major toll on you. Talking/Texting doesn't always help. I need someone who understands, and I need someone who doesnt make me feel like I have to constantly talk about how my husband is doing! That or when I do need to talk about how he is doing, I dont feel like its so akward.
I've heard many new MILSpouses say they dont need Military friends. The friends back at home understand how hard this life is......WRONG! All my friends here avoid me! No joke. I have had a few friendly interactions since I have been home, but everyone knows I am there goes all their party time if they want to hang out with me, PLUS I am married with a husband who just isnt in the picture right now, so I'm not single and I cant go to parties and go to clubs and hang out with a ton of guys like my single friends want to. I love being married to my husband!! I wouldnt change it for anything, he is so adorable! But right now it would sure be nice to have people around me who understand the challenges I face.
When the attack on their FOB happened a few weeks ago, I was here in Utah..with no one to talk to about it. If I needed to talk I had to TXT or Call a friend in Kansas and talk. But here zip..nadda..zilch.
I'm glad I moved home...its given Hubby and I the chance to save some money and pay off our car plus get all the things our Little Love is going to need without breaking our budget. I have gotten alot closer with a few of my family members, and though it sucked hard core for the first 5 months, I'm finally at a place were I'm settled and ready to move on. I'm ready to move back to Kansas and start my life with my husband and daughter. I honestly cant wait!! Oh did I mention...I am so ready to have friends again :)


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