Sunday, June 12, 2011

Heaven Needed These Heros.

Its been a week(tomorrow) since the attack happened. I never thought I'd know anyone who died in the war, and now that I know 2 of them, its hard to comprehend I'll never see them again. I even started to remember the funny times I had with them. Not as often as my husband had with them but some good times, especially at the Batallion BBQ's.
Its not a proud thing I am going to remember but I'll always remember the sacrafice they made. They will be names I will not forget. They will not just be a soldier who gave their lives, they will be the boy we called "Olive Oil", the boy whos last name always made me think of fish sticks. The boy who was so egar to know the army ways when he first got to Riley, and the boy who was so excited about the new camera he got for his first deployment.
I'll never forget these heros.


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