Friday, June 10, 2011

True Friends&Family

When bad things happen, life really shows you who your real friends are.

Its so true. Since everything happened on Monday I have really learned who is going to be there for me. One of our worst nightmares at Milspouses is our spouses being attacked or but in harms way. Because I have now had this nightmare happen to my husband and I, I have now been reminded of who's my real friends.

Thankfully I have 2 very very good friends in this blogging world Katie and Lou who have been giving me tremendous support. Thank you. Plus the few wives a know from Riley who have been supportive, especially because their husbands are with mine.

Sadly I have had barely any family support. I had a few cousins say something to me, and of course my parents have been there....but other then that, my family of over 40...not a word.
I even had a few friends who have said things to me...but even ones who have loved ones in the military...not a word. But I do love my readers who have been VERY helpful.

The other day I got so furious at the lack of support I deleted over 60 people on my facebook account. I have been very understanding with people who dont get on facebook or who I know are going through other things...but when your husbands so called "best friends" talk about what color they are dying their hair, or how wasted they are only minutes after me throwing an update on how my husband is doing on there and they say nothing....I decided I could careless what color they dye their hair or what bar they are at and deleted them off my page. I dont owe them ANYTHING and I dont even need to say anything to them about their friend and how he is doing...because they dont care.

Even with my family members...Aunts and Uncles and even sadly my own siblings who dont say anything to me, even when they see me on a daily basis with my phone attached to my hand, constantly jumping when my phone beeps and they dont even ask how he hurts my feelings. I dont have the closest family relationship with my cousins and aunt and uncles, but with my own brothers and hurts bad to know they cant even he ok?

Maybe I am wrong here and need to just let myself be mad at these people. Maybe I'm just really hormonal and over reacting (though I highly doubt I am), but I just have realized how many people will be there for Hubby and I in the future. This type of situation can very well happen again, especially with Hubby choosing to stay in the Army...and I dont feel like we should surround ourself's with false support.

As for an UPDATE on my husband and his battalion...They are all doing alright. The memorial service for the soldiers who lost their lives was held yesterday, and Hubby said it helped give him closure...though he is still really sad and upset, his friends that are there are there for him. Right now he still doesn't want to discuss with me what happened...which is fine with me, I am ready for him when he is ready. Though they did have to move into a huge cement building and no one is sleeping in their rooms. While my husbands room only has minor damage and no power lots of rooms were destroyed.

I did want to ask a favor of anyone and everyone who wishes to help these boys. I know they are not the only ones in the world being effected by the war but because so many of these soldiers have lost all of their belongings I had to at least ask.....

If anyone wishes to donate personal hygiene products or even send treats to these soldiers please let me know. A lot of us wives and husbands are sending things, but we all know that they need a lot more then what only a few will give. I sent one box full of supplies from toothbrushes, toothpaste, mouthwash, body soap, shampoo and conditioner, and even wet wipes. They do need a lot but really anything will do! If you would like to donate please let me know. Thank you so much!


Lou said...

girl email me what they need and a address and you know ill get a package out. Love you!

Megan said...

I will get the details from Lou and send some things as well. I am so sorry for everything that you guys are going through. I can see why you are upset. When you need support, you need support. There should be no questions asked, they should just be there. I will continue praying for you guys! Hope things start to look up!

Katie said...

You aren't overreacting at all girl. I'm the same way. What also really bugs me is how they never ask how he is etc, yet when he comes home, everyone acts like yours & his best friend and wanna see him! ERG. oh well, people will be least we have a few people that understand and/or care or ask. Ok, i'm done ranting on your blog lol. <3

Mike and Jen said...

:( i have asked you how you were doing a few times!

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