Friday, June 24, 2011

Our First PCS

Hubby recived orders...finally! We have been waiting and talking about this since we got married. First we were gonna jump ship and try and get out of this deployment, but that didn't work. So after he deployed it turned we really want to keep doing this? Well we decided Army life is gonna be our life for the next 15 years. Hubby had to fill out a wishlist in December and we naturally put..
  • Move (Fort Lewis, WA or Fort Carson, CO)
  • Re-Enlist
Now as some of you know he did end up putting that he wanted to do Airborne on his wishlist at the very last minute. No joke either the papers were headed to the head honcho when he grabbed the guy and had him write it on his.
We were really hoping we would get Lewis or Carson since they are both near our families. Carson is obviouslly closer to Utah then California..but Lewis was a pretty even trip to either of our families so there would be no fighting on who's family we were going to go see.
But we are not going to either of those places!

First off let me say...The move is seriously 10 months away. Remember Hubby is still deployed, he has to remain at Riley for 90 thats the He has Airborne training...we think? They didnt give him a clear answer in his orders.

I thought I would make this fun and give out hints and such...but because most of my readers are military wives...I think you all know what I am talking about.

Next April the Optimistic Army Wife and her Hubby and Little Lady Love will be making their home in....

Fort Bragg, North Carolina!!

I am way excited to move here! I have been a distant fan of the Carolinas for a while. My dads family is from there, so my Dad and my Mom have been there a few times. Plus I know most of you have been around those areas. So I am way excited to learn about places for us to go eat and play! Plus I am beyond excited that the beach (according to mapquest) is only 2 hours away. Ahh!
Also I do not know anything about PCS...I always hear DITY moves are the way to go...but concidering this a move with a 8/9 month old, and a 20+ hour trip...I wonder if its really worth it. Especially if we want to see sights along the way. So because I will be studying about this until I give birth and then start studying up again When this all gets closer...anyone have any suggestions or ideas to give me?


Jessa said...

We did a DITY move and the best thing is the money. I think our move here was about 1200 miles. U-Haul, two cars, and two kids. They were long days, but it was worth it. On the way back, we'll still have two cars and two kids, with the addition of two dogs. We are actually considering using PODS to move our furniture. We don't know where we'll end up or how much room we'll have so we'd have instant storage and someone else would move everything. And it still counts as a DITY move. We'd just tow our car on our truck. I think it really just depends on what is easiest for you. Having a young child might make a PCS far better than a DITY. My kids were used to travel from a young age, you might have a baby who doesn't like to be in the car. So I guess this ramble is just to say that you'll choose what works for you regardless which way you go and it will work out just fine.

Kaylee said...

Yayyy, And I can totally drive to visit :):) Good luck figuring the move out.

Ash@Life As Lucy said...


FemminaDaVinci said...

If you have ANY questions about Bragg, be sure to let me know. I've been here for 4 years and I love love love it :)

Jessica said...

First, congrats on going to Bragg!! Second, we are about to PCS (as in next week!) to Georgia from NY. We got rejected by transportation because they are doing it differently here. I don't know if it's like this everywhere, but our DITY move is not going to be a lucrative as a DITY move used to be. We got an advance (which barely covered the truck) and we still have a bit left over. However, whatever money we don't use, we get taxed 25%. Be sure to check with your transportation to see if it's like that everywhere. If it is, PCS with a partial DITY is the way to go! Good luck!!

Audrey Spence said...

I don't know much about the army life but when we moved from Cali we got a trailer from ABS. You load it all up then they'll come pick it up with a semi and just have someone drive it to where you're going and you can unload it all yourself. It took us like 16 hours to drive a normal 12 hour trip. We had 3 cars with 5 fish, 3 snakes, a dog, a lizard and a tarantula. And the trailer showed up within a day. It was the easiest for us. We didn't have to deal with a uhaul but this was a family of 4 living in the same house for 22 yrs. So I would just look into whatever fits your budget. Remember getting a uhaul will also cost you in gas which has been ridiculous and I'm sure won't be better anytime soon. Luckily you have lots of time to research and see what's best for your fam and your budget.

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