Thursday, June 23, 2011


I dont know whats going on with me...I can feel the deployment blues again. I have friends preping for R&R and then alot of the Hawaii bloggers are getting their husbands home, and as happy as I am for them...and believe me, I am stoked for you guys....AHHH I miss my husband.
I knew what I got into before I married him. As I mentioned before I did a deployment before we got married.
But latley because (we all know) R&R for me is upcoming...that I wonder....

what if...I forgot how to kiss...and not just kiss...full on make out with my husband?

Seriously...I know I am not the only person to think of this...but what if I am awful and my tounge is all over the place and he pulls away thinking...huh?

Obviouslly I know my husband doesnt really care, and that he is gonna be so happy to see me, and my growing babylicious belly...

Ahhh sometimes I wonder. When he has R&R it will have been over 8 months since we have Kissed, Huged and got Naughty...what if its all bad and all over? I dont have much time to fix the Naughtyness part...but somehow I kinda think I'll still be kick ass at that part....ya know the hormones. But what if the little things are bad? What if he kisses me and my breath stinks? Should I just buy a million and one breath mints?
Come on girls and guys...I know I am not alone on this.

Please just tell me its the jitters and to stop freaking out about the little things.

reminder.....Everything Will Be Ok.


Lou said...

so feel you i was freaked for RR especially about kissing. i kept thinking " what if i cant remember how" lmao and now im thinking " how do you live with someone" hhah man deployments you sure bring interesting thoughts in my head. lol

Elizabeth said...

This made me giggle a little. Everything will be fine!! I had a horrible R&R which I won't talk about, but yes the jitters are there, and you guys will be back in your same ole motions before you know it. He'll probably want to touch and stare at the baby belly especially with him almost due!! He is going to be so excited to see you, the smell of your breathe will be the last thing you have to worry about. But if you are worried, just pop in an altoid or two before he gets off that plane ;)

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