Friday, March 4, 2011

Ahhh Crap.

So Hubby and I have had a discussion of what to buy and not to buy for Baby Love. Obviously there is alot I shouldn't get until I move back to Kansas, and then also alot I should wait and see if I get at my baby shower......ya to a new mom this is tourcher!!

I am constantly looking online for deals and steals, plus anything useful, which changes every 2 days of what I think I want her "theme" to be. First it was ladybugs, then butterflies, then decided I should do simple GAH I realize this child does not give a damn what her first bedroom looks like, but its so much fun looking!!

Finally my husband told me no more of this looking all the time thing a paycheck! I am getting the tax return so I am allowed to use that money ONLY on baby things that cost more then 50 bucks. So I am very impatiently waiting for that so I can go get her a few things here and there.

Today we finally decided on bedding I was looking at Babies R Us, Polka Tot, Target and almost anywhere...until a commercial came on for The Big O......not Oprah!'d a thunk to look there? Not me! I found amazing deals and bedding I hadnt even seen before! Bought and sold!! I found a few I loved and showed them to Hubby....well this little beauty is the one we decided on...

In this set we get the bedding, pillow, the toycase (hanging on the wall), diaper stacker, drop skirt, valences, crib bumper, and fitted sheet. I'm so very stoked! I finally have something besides clothes!! I have a theme to run off of...which is pretty vintage! 

I know the fabric is hard to see....but here is a swatch so you can kinda see (keep in mind this is not the one off of the actual bedding)

So very french and cute! I am hoping when I receive it I will like it as much as I do on the picture. I never thought I would like this type of fabric but its amazing that I do!

Finally everyone! I need to know wheres the best place to buy cute headbands and things like that. I plan on buying a few camo ones for her newborn pictures since Hubby is now going to be a lifer in the Army. Also any ideas of suggestions are very open!! I have been doing my best to keep myself from over spending on her and other things...but I see no harm in everything!!! Ok I am now craving Subway and Cherry Pies so its time to go feed the child.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!!!


AngieDMac said...

That bedding is sooo cute!!!

Mike and Jen said...

My advice.. Buy what you want! Your going to get alot of things at your baby shower that you dont like, or that dont fit your theme. Trust me! Lol! So, buy your style of things, and if you get the same one for your baby shower, pick which one you like best, and return the other. Then you get gift cards or money back, that you can buy diapers, wipes or little things you havent got yet! I promise its a good plan! Well, it worked for me haha. Headbands and bows are ADDICTING. (expensive)

The hairbow company is where I buy lots of mine.. Sooo cheap. They have an assorted pack of headbands (the nylon kind) that come in soo many colors, for way cheap! Its an awesome deal! (I personally like the nylon ones better then the crochet or lace ones, but thats just me!)

Lou said...

oh girl i love it so much!!!!your amazing, and so is your new bedding!!

McDancer said...

Oh my goodness, I LOVE this bedding set. It's fantastic, girly without going overboard :)

Audrey Spence said...

I would definitely buy what you can. I was scrambling 3 days before I was induced to hunt down stuff we still needed. I got some stuff at my baby shower but I don't really know a lot of people up here so like gifts from only 10 people is not really enough when we are starting with nothing. My mom really helped me stock up on last minute but there were things I didn't even have with Charlotte that I really want for our next one like a nursing pillow and a bumbo chair. Oh and I finally bought a sling and nursing cover for our next kid. I don't think there is anything wrong with catching a deal while you can because odds are come baby shower you'll just get a bunch of clothes. Better safe than sorry! By the way the bedding is super cute!

Mrs. Yellow Ribbon said...

Etsy has some really cute ones. I was actualy on there the other day looking for some hair accessories for myself and they kept popping up!

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