Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Living at Home Annoyances!

I dont even care if I spelt that right.

I am pretty frustrated....I realize alot of my "bitching" blog posts are about living at home, which yes I am still grateful I am home and here and not alone preparing for birth. But COME ON!!!

My dad is very into cooking, a common thing him and I share. He is obviously a little more into it then me, because he does make up his own recipes.
A few months ago..It was my night to make dinner....we had a mix to make chili, so I decided to make it. I was pretty exhausted from my morning sickness...more like all day sickness and my dad came over and was pretty much hanging over my shoulder making sure I did everything right....if that wasnt annoying enough he constantly asked me if I put enough water into the mix.....I repeated myself about 5 times before I put the spoon down and walked away from the pot. Frustrated that I wasnt being trusted with something as simple as Chili...which I had made before.

Today.....Same deal....Chicken Helper....so not hard to make at all! I had the chicken out but it wasnt defrosted enough for me, so I ran it underwater for a little bit. My mom hated that idea. Grabbed the chicken out of my hand and started cutting it.....Its not that it couldnt be cut...I just didnt want it to be a pain in my ass when I started cooking it. Finally I threw my hands in the air and said why do I bother!

Everytime I cook its like I'm under a microscope. Its not that I am a bad cook, I'm actually really freaking awesome! (says my husband) But really? simple dinners such as Chili and Chicken Helper cannot be left to me?...I'm 22 in May....I believe I didnt kill my husband or give us food poisening at any point back at Riley....so WTF! I dont get it!! I miss having my own damn home.

Yes, I've learned not to move home during a deployment.....well unless I end up in this situation again.
Thanks for listening to my bitchfest....and pardon my language. (no its not french.)


Abigail said...

You are so brave! I could NEVER move home unless I really had to. My parents would by FAR be so much worse!

Lou said...

Girl, they should be happy your even cooking. All the stuff your doing around the house! Girl im so sorry.

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