Friday, March 25, 2011

Mom In Law..

Shes coming. I made myself a list of things Hubby and I had to agree on before we would concider bringing her out here. I know to him it looks like I pick my family over his, which is something thats hard for me not to do....but I am working on it.
We had to agree that she would know she cannot smoke her pot in my house. My brother is on probation, and I wont risk his freedom so she can get high. This was one of my rules when she came to visit us in Riley, Hubby can get discharged for that, and I dont bend that rule at all! I hate drugs. Also No drinking, I hate alcohol too, Hubby has a problem with alcohol that he still wont admit to...and though I wont get into details...his last little drinking experience cost us a ton of money!
It was a bunch of things that we had to agree on, but I think we got it figured out. One thing Hubby had to know was the reason why my mom was invited into the room, is because she is going to the birthing classes with me...Hubby sadly cant, so my mom needs to be in the room to help me remember. If hubby could have gone to classes I wouldnt invite my mom in. Sadly I dont know if I'm really gonna want his mom in there. I know its my choice...but how rude and bitchy would I look if I kicked her out. Hopefully she doesnt piss me off, I already told Hubby I wont put up with whiney bitchyness from ANYONE in the room....HAHA if you cant tell I am really taking this super serious.

So I guess thats the decision...Hubby is gonna talk to his Mom about it more, and even though she cannot afford to fly herself to Utah, I told hubby she probably wont get to see Baby Love till she is at least a year old next time, and shes going to have to be ok with that. My parents already have 2 trips planned to visit and they are paying their own ways, so it cant be nit picky like he thinks it is...plane tickets are expensive! and we just cant afford to do this all the time.

Hopefully it works out....*fingers crossed*


Audrey Spence said...

Good luck with it all. I actually never took birthing classes. I know my dr suggested it but I didn't have time with work and anything they would've told me I had basically either learned in classes from school or read in a book. My mom was there to help hold my legs. Since I had the epidural I obviously didn't have a whole lot of control and Scott doesn't do too good with that stuff. And I really like Scott's mom but it would just be weird I think for my mother in law to see all of me. That's just me though. So I don't think there is anything wrong with not having her in there while you deliver. She can come in shortly after. Scott's parents were there for Sharon's physical therapy and ended up waiting around since I was close and my Dad and sister were hanging out outside too. So it's not like she'll be totally left out. I wouldn't stress over that. She can hang out at the hospital. It's a long process anyway so maybe she could even just hang out until you start the actual delivery. I dunno... just my two cents. I wouldn't stress though. It's a personal thing and you need to make sure you're comfortable because it will be the most uncomfortable thing you've ever done. You do what's best for you.

Our Little Fam said...

I hope things go well with everything!!! :) You are a great wifey!! P.s. I told you I would link it up with you, you better know who this is :P haha **hugs!

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