Saturday, March 26, 2011

Day 23 and a Post

Oops guess I am really here...things not going good still but I am doing my best to support my family, counting the days till I can finally move back into my own house. I'm really too excited for something that is going to happen in 5 months. EEK!!! :)

Day 23 - Post a picture and tell what your life would be like without your SO.


-----I dont really know how to answer this. If I never knew him, I'd never know what I was missing...and I'm sure lots of the things going on right now wouldn't be happening. Less or different family drama, no preparing for my little love, and no deployment.....weird! (which she is kicking me like crazy so I dont think she likes that idea)

and if I knew him and just werent together....I'm sure I'd know he was in Iraq and be worried and all sorts of things....this is just one thing I cant answer. I already went without him, for a month at one point and it didnt I honestly cannot answer this.

By the way...I feel like such a DUMBASS the last 2 days I answered my questions wrong. Excuse my stupidity! hahahaha.


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