Sunday, March 20, 2011

Operation Oddessy Dawn

I dont know anyone personally who is currently in Libya, but I've noticed a few girls whos blogs I read, their husbands/boyfriends are there. I wish there was more I could say then I hope they come home soon, because I do hope they do.

When my mother turned on CNN and told me what happened, my immediate reaction was PISSED. I dont watch the news often, because I dont like knowing whats going on in Iraq and Afghanistan all the time. If there is something I need to know, my parents tell me or my husband tells me. I didnt know that the people of Libya were being attacked by their goverment and they were installing fear in these people to stop the riots.

While I now know that we are there to help our Allies I am not resting easy. I watched the news not thinking about this war...I was thinking of their families. How they are watching this and being worried. I cant imagine watching this all unfold and knowing they are over there.

I am not a huge fan of our Goverment...especially now that they are concidering not paying our troops because they are "voulenteering" and also because they cant decide a budget. I personally am sick of our governement. I'm sick of having our brave troops suffer because the people behind a desk who will never see war, make choices that effect their lives. If anyone should not get paid its them.

Anyways....I am still learning about this war..I am glad my husband is not there. But it doesnt make me any less worried then for the families who's loved ones are there. I support you fully! I support my troops and their families. I can only hope and pray this doesnt last long.


kelsey lauren said...

Thanks for the shout out and support. Currently writing a basic break-down post on this whole Libya thing to get everyone understanding the basics if you're interested! It can be intimidating to turn on the TV and be thrown into the middle of a huge story without knowing how this all started in teh first place :)

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