Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Military Style Day 6

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Day 6 - post a picture of the base your man is at and tell 5 cool things about that base

Obviously I cannot post ANY pictures of where Hubby is at right now, and anyone who does do this...please dont post pictures of where your husband is if he is deployed! Remember OPSECT

I will post a few pictures of Fort Riley, Kansas where we are stationed (for now) while he is not deployed. I don't own the rights to these photos. I found them on Google.

5 Cool things about Riley! EASY.

Its not as bad as everyone makes it out to be.

1. The PX and the Commissary are right next to eachother
2. Its small enough to know how to get around fast.
3. It does have a really cool history!
4. Its the BIG RED ONE!!
5. The buildings are all in this really old fashioned brick thats beautiful to look at!


Michelle said...

Amen to OPSEC!
How awesome to have a PX and Commisarry next to each other! My are close, but not that close!


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