Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 27

Aside from my other post of the day, I am almost done with this 30 week blog challenge. I hope you all enjoyed my answers even when I did answer some of them wrong or weird! HAHAHA. Thank you all for the support on my blog, it really means a ton!! I love my bloggy friends!!

Day 27 - post a picture of something that reminds you of your SO and tell why it does.

Yepp! ACU''d think because there technically isnt an Army Post in Utah, I'd probably never see these...but I actually do. Not constantly like you do at the Army Posts I know, but its very rare I go a month without seeing at least 6 guys in ACU's. I am sure they are National Guard, and there is a place called Dugway Proving Grounds, which is ran like an Army Post about an hour away from where I live, plus Tooele Army Depot which is like 4 miles away from my house. But I see these....also this movie totally reminds me of my husband....
Yeah...Steve Martin's character in this movie is EXACTLY like how my husband acts and thinks! Its insane. But it makes me laugh so much! Make me wonder how he will act when our little girl gets married...but thats a bazillion years from now! ;)


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