Sunday, March 20, 2011

Day 17

Day 17 - post a picture of something your SO left you while he was away and how that helped you… did/do you carry it with you or sleep with it?

Ahh my belly hurts today, so I dont wanna walk my pregnant ass upstairs to take a picture of his t-shirt. So I am doing this the lazy way...

His first deployment we had only been dating a few weeks and he suprised me and left in my bag his hat! I was so excited about having my first real army thing!

This deployment I begged him to wear my battalion t-shirt to work (its tan) so that I could smell him! I brought the majority of his clothes to Utah with me for R&R but I have big boobs and they strech his clothes so I was informed by him not to strech out his clothes. I wore the battallion t-shirt one day....had a brain fart and washed it :( but I can still pull out his clothes and smell them. OOOH I love the smell of him!! He's so delicious! I need R&R.


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