Monday, March 14, 2011

Military Style Day 11

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Day 11 - post a picture of the stationary you pour your heart out onto in letters to your s/o

Ya I dont write my husband letters...unless I am shipping a package I usually throw a cute note in there on a scrap piece of paper....Its not that I am not romantic or anything, he usually has more chances to check his emails then to get mail...which by the way take him about 2 weeks or more to get...just in case you didnt know that. So when I need to let it all out, I grab my blackberry or the laptop and type it all out! Usually it ends up with the subject being...
Subject: A Rant 
Subject: A Rant 2
Subject: UGHHHHH
Subject: BAD DAY

he reads them and laughs are how I do parts because I get frustrated or want to inform him on my update. I get told not to do that, that I should not tell my husband my struggles...but the way I feel about it is that I love him, he is my best friend...I want to tell him everything like I did when he was home. So I do...and he doesnt care anyways!!

Now I am rambling....oops.


McDancer said...

I definitely agree its important to tell my hubby my struggles and my good times when he's away, even if some people don't think you should. Otherwise I feel like I'm hiding things from him and that just makes the separation more difficult {but I know everyone is different}

Lou said...

Im with the lovely McDancer i share al my struggles with my husband. He wants to know, and he cares. Im with you love!

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