Monday, March 14, 2011

MilSpouse Survey!

Erin had on her blog today this Survey...and I love answering questions! I feel important when I do it!! :) Feel free to do it if you'd like!

1. How long have you been a military wife? I've been a Wife since December 09, 
and a SO since August 08

2. What branch of service is your husband? US ARMY

3. Active/Reserve? Active

4. What is his job? 13-D Field Artillery

5. How many deployments have you gone through? One, and currently on our 2nd.

6. ACU's or Class A's on your man? WHATEVER its coming off anyways! :)

7. What do you like about being a military wife? The hero!

8. Do you live on base? Nope. But when I move back to Fort Riley we will be.

9. What is your favorite base so far? Only had Fort Riley...but we really want Fort Lewis or Fort Carson

10. What's the hardest part of the military life? Separation. I can deal with it not being organized. I dont listen to rumors, I wait until days before it's really supposta happen to believe anything! So far its working out pretty good! But when you take my best friend hurts BAD.

11. Do you go to the grocery store or commissary? I went to both. Commissary has way better meat, but sometime their groceries are really higher.

12. Do you work or stay at home? I do not work. I kinda do right now as a caretaker for my sister but thats only a few hours a day...the little money I get is worth it to do more fun things and save all this deployment money! Which btw did I mention we paid off our car :)
13. Do you have a lot of military wife friends? NOPE. But I have lots of friends in the blogger world I love!

14. Do you prefer Walmart or the PX/BX/MCX/NEX? I would rather go to Walmart..but I love looking at the PX.

15. How did your husband propose? Christmas Morning 09! Had my ring in my stocking and gave it to me while everyone was asleep :)

16. Did you marry him after he joined or before? After.

17. How long have you been together? 3 years in August.

18. Any kids yet?  One baby girl on the way.

19. Any kids yet to come? DITO

20. Is your husband one of those "I am a soldier hear me HOOAH" kind of guys? HAHA no...but when he is with my grandpa who is a veteran they kinda do that

21. Have you ever done combatives with your husband? what?

22. How many bases have you lived at? 1

23. If you could change one thing about the military? I wish all branches had the same length of deployements! I'd love shorter ones!

24. Do you like military balls? Never been but I wanna go to at least one :)

25. Where does your family live? Utah, and California

26. What do you do for a job? Caretaker for my Handicapped little sister.

27. Have you ever gotten in a fight with an NCO's wife? Nope...never needed to. 

28. Name one thing you do when your husband is gone? Send him a million goodies!! Constantly write him emails. Take lots of pictures for him!

29. Do you think other wives do that too? I'm sure some do....but I know way too many that spend way too much time with other men.


Committed said...

How long do you have left at Fort Riley when you return there?? I just found out this morning that it looks like that's where we are moving in July! It would be so nice to have a familiar (and pregnant/new-mom) face there. :)

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