Thursday, March 17, 2011

Day 14

Day 14 – post a picture of what consumes most of your time when your s/o is away

 Sadly its true. My deployment goal before I got pregnant was to lose the weight I gained from last deployment. But now that I am pregnant and really only do my caretaking a few hours a day, I spend most of my time cleaning up the house, watching old shows, watching movies and the occasional baby sitting. The day is still going by fast...but I am sure it would go by way faster if I could do more active things....not going to the amusement park this summer is gonna suck. But I find things to do and I do them...but when those are done then they are I prolong them so on days I really have the need to get out of the house I get it done :)


Anonymous said...

Yeah netflix is a life saver.

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