Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bad Liz Bad!!

 Happy Saint Patrick's Day!!

I know I am slacking on my regular blogging....I am blogging at night to ensure I do, do a post.

Things around my parents house have been sort of hectic. There is alot of stress...which sadly I am giving into. I'm doing my best to calm myself down. Next week my sister-in-law and my mom and I are supposedly going to the spa for pedicures and facials, which I am NEEDING bad!! I could use a pedicure since I told myself I would treat myself to at least one a month....I havent had one since before Valentines Day and my toe nails were getting gross....finally I decided to take my polish off and do it myself....unfortunately I cannot bend over like that for very long anymore. One foot looks great! the other....ehh lets say its sparkly red.

Ya blogging about my toes thats great.

I feel like a bad blogger. Just alot of things going through my mind at once...doing my toes was the highlight of my day believe me!!

Although the other day was my nephews 1st Birthday!! We went swimming...and I thought I'd enjoy it...but i ended up not really liking it, and I am pretty sure Baby Love hated it since she didnt move for hours!!! Heres a little picture to show I really nephew is such a chunker!!


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