Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dear Anoymous

**for those who dont know, this is concerning a comment I received on my blog post titled "3rd Post"**

I dont know who you are...obviouslly you dont have the guts to tell me. I dont know why you think I complained about being pregnant. I feel very blessed to be pregnant, considering I have 4 or 5 family members who do have fertility problems. Any new mom is terrified to fail their child, to have their child go through things they themselves have personally gone through.
I have been raped 3 times, and molested by my family member. Is it so hard for me to be scared that my child may have to face the same things? No its not. Its a fear every parent has to deal with. I have to face those fears head on and even though those fears enter my mind, I have to know how to handle it.

I dont believe I owe any sort of explanation to someone who wont put a face to their name. I do feel bad for you for being so bitter to me. I thought I would write this and tell you to fuck off, like so many of my other friends in the blogging world did. But I believe by showing you that I am better then to write someone mean hurtful things without knowing them on a personal note. This is a letter to kill with kindness.

I am currently on my 2nd, 12 month deployment in 3 years...I have every right to feel lonely. I may have my family, but given the family drama that I am currently dealing with..they arnt there. If you were a regular reader of mine, you would maybe understand that.

Like I said...I am sorry your so bitter to someone you don't know. I'm sorry you don't want to put a face to the mean hurtful comment you made to me. But I'm better then that. I do wish you many blessings, but I hope before you recive them, you count your blessings and be grateful for what you have. Even though I have hard times, I am grateful for everything I have.

-Elizabeth, The Optimistic Army Wife


Megan said...

Screw whoever wrote that comment! You are entitled to feel whatever you want and to write whatever you want. I think it was very classy of you to address them the way that you did. You could have freaked out and went on a cussing and name calling spree, but you didn't. And I think that alone speaks for itself. Keep your chin up, and I hope that things start to look up at home.

Lou said...

Megan is right hence why i love her *besties*. I would of cusses ed them out and that is why your a better person than me! hahah, this letter is wonderful. That person however is not:)

Our Little Fam said...

Hey lady! You are a strong person and have endured a lot and will continue to endure what is put in your path. To dear anonymous, I feel sorry for them. They obviously are not happy with their life and had nothing better to do then take it out on someone else. Keep being strong and optimistic! you are great!

The Sometimes Single Mom said...

That sucks you've had a sucky anonymous poster =/ Don't pay any mind to whoever that person is because in the grand scheme of things, they don't matter. You'll be a great mom, it's a learning experience.

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