Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Military Style!!

I have constantly been wanting to do these 30 day challenges...I am not super good at it but I am thinking this will help my new followers get to know me.
Also if you are a new follower and I havent "followed" you yet, then let me know...I do want to read your blogs I have just been so spacey!!
If you want to participate in this 30 day challenge head over to *Everyday That Your Away* and link up!! they started a few days ago..but thats alright!!

Day 1: Post a Photo of your Military SO and
10 Facts About Him.

1. Hubby is a Sergeant in the US ARMY.
2. He has been enlisted for 4 years...5 in August.
3. He is an only child! so this baby thing is a little scary for him since he never had to deal with babies.
4. We are both from different states, He is from Northen California and I am from Utah.
5. He never wanted a facebook until I made one for him...now he is addicted, and I dont want mine.
6. He has a HUGE birthmark, that looks like a giant mole!
7. He is a lifer in the Army and does it to support us, and loves his job!
8. He will never admit it but he is a mommas boy.
9. He will watch Army Wives with me, because he knows I enjoy it.
10. He has 3 tattoos...1 looks like a big blob, one he got to show me who's boss (which he still loses), and the other to show that he is a proud Californian.


Lou said...

yay for being married to SGT!!!

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