Wednesday, November 17, 2010


So some of you might be wondering what this blog title means.... well I'm going to tell you in a little bit...

I am back in what most people call this state as "where the mormons live" aka "Zion" aka Utah. Nope not harpen on mormons I was raised one. But I am here and getting back to being used to the mountains.

I don't start my old job again till next week, which makes me pretty happy, because I have so much to do!! No joke either...wrestling with TriCare sucks! I have been on the phone with them at least 5 times today..and hopefully I filled out the paper work correctly...if not...prepare for another blasting blog about how life sucks.

Hubby called me last night and we got to talk for about 20 minutes which made me pretty happy, I needed his phone call after all that driving and stressing. I looked at his picture today and just thought about how hot my hubberkins is! I miss his face and his laugh alot. Cant wait for him to get to his final destination so I can skype with him. Right now he is on lock down because he is being moved to another part of Iraq to do more training. He gets to ride a helicopter to his final destination and its so cute to hear him talk about how excited he is to ride it!
He did have to make changes to his R&R plans because I am......

I have had a feeling for about a week before Hubby left and I told him I thought we should buy a test and see, but he didn't want me to be disappointed once again and then also have him be deploying...which he was right....but so wrong! I woke up at 4 am the day after Hubby left and took the test....yeah I couldn't fall back asleep, I ran out of the room so I would be surprised by the results (which by the way was better seeing it in words then a little plus sign because I KNEW!). I prepared for the negative but just had that feeling...went back into the bathroom and tried to not look directly at it and see if there was 2 words or one....well there was only one word...I did a double take and saw the little words Pregnant. I immediately jumped for joy and said out loud "I'm Gonna Be A Mommy!!".
After a few minutes every fear set inside me. I didnt want to tell anyone tell I could talk to Hubby but knowing it could be a long time, I decided I should call my mom and let out my irrational fears. She told me to go buy another one (because the second test didnt work) and so I did. I took them both again and ran away from the test..then I saw the little words Pregnant again! I knew right then it wasn't a faulty test or a false positive. We decided not to tell anyone (but she did tell my mom cant keep a secret), and I waited for Hubby to call me, which I was lucky I didn't have to wait more then about 20 hours...which was killing me not to talk about!
He called me in a little bit of shock, he was supposta call me first, and I did email him the picture of the positive pregnancy tests, and he checked his email before calling me! So when I said "I have some news for you!!" he just said "yeah I know.................uhhh so now what?" It was pretty cute to me to hear how shocked he was. He really did not believe I was pregnant before he left. But the next call he told me how he went around and told EVERYONE that I was pregnant and that his shit works LOL! I talked to him last night and we decided we hate our girls name that we picked out before which was Marilyn, I still like the name it just doesnt feel right anymore. So I am just looking and looking.
I am trying to be excited but excited with caution, I know the first few weeks can be pretty risky and your chance at miscarrying is much higher. I did already buy Hubby 2 books so he can read up on whats going on in my tummy. I bought myself a 40 Week Calender and I need to buy my What to Expect When Your Expecting...which by the way I had no idea they had a daddys version of it called What to Expect When Your Wife is Expanding. I am going too fast I think...but honestly its hard not to be excited.
I bought my prenatal vitamins, kicked my soda habit, started drinking vitamin waters, taking DHA, and eating a lot healthier.
I did a few due date calculaters to see what my due date would be and you guessed it!! They all said....

July 19, 2011

I know its not 100% offical but it means I will have a July baby to me and that makes me really excited! (right now) its due exactly 2 months after I turn 22. 
I am still working on getting TriWest to get their butts in gear and I know I wont see a doctor for a few weeks but I am just so excited!!! I hope everything goes well, I already love this baby so much and cannot wait to meet him or her! 
I started writing a journal for Hubby to read while I am pregnant...I am also buying a Flip camera to record my doctors visits for him!  I have not felt sick too much...just a little nausea here and there, so I can tell its coming. I have noticed I am very loosed lipped right now and just kinda let it all go, I can blame it on the hormones right? 

We made a beautiful baby together!!
So happy it was with him!!
  If anyone has advice for me GIVE IT! I need all that I can get!


kelsey lauren said...

OMG LIZ!!!! i'm SO SO SO excited for you!! i can't wait to follow you on this new journey.

Erin said...

Congrats!!! That is so exciting! Im so happy for you!

Sophia Caris said...

Congrats mama!!!! That is SO exciting! I'm sorry I don't have any motherly advice, you will be great, and ENJOY the ride, everything changes from here! Pamper yourself and your sweet baby, you deserve it~!


Lacey said...


Mike and Jen said...
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Lou said...

Oh liz i can always count on you to link up with me! Thanks and reading this post again made me really excited again for you!! yay!!!

Adrienne said...

Congratulations! :) I am sure your hubby will be a fantastic daddy!!

Good luck!

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