Friday, November 5, 2010


I have received another award!!..

From Ashley over at Life as "Lucy" super stoked to get this! :) I am supposed to award more people and I feel really bad but I can't do it at this moment in time, I am so busy so hopefully I can do it tomorrow. I am supposta right 7 facts about me. :)

  1. I dont know my natural hair color.
  2. I am from Utah, and I am not a freaky weirdo...I think?
  3. I can cook really well
  4. I had a courthouse wedding
  5. I love the 90's and the 80's!
  6. I am very opinionated...but rarley express it.
  7. I love HALO on XBOX :)
So thats all I can do for today, I really hope I can catch up tomorrow and get the rest of my blog set up. I gotta finish packing things today. Lots of Love and have a wonderful weekend!


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