Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Made It

I made it to the promise land........and now I want to go back.
This deployment feels about 50x's more real. Not only that I went from living in my own home, to living in a room with my sister...at least for a few months then I am moving into my grandmothers.
I had a huge issue with my friend driving my car...not only did she put her life at risk with speeding through a rain/snow/wind storm through Wyoming, she risked mine and MY cars! I finally got her to her own home and took off to see my mom at work, where I was greeted with my co-workers! I have a job again.....weird.
I came home to my 2 brothers unwilling to help me move anything into my house. I cannot lift heavy things right now and so I was a little irriated and used some slurred words. I took my suitecase and backpacks up stairs and completly broke down! I bawled my eyes out and just needed my husband.
It really has been a huge shock for me, and I kinda wish I had stayed but there is no point in doing that now. Fort Riley is too far away! (yes we were stationed at Fort Riley, Kansas) and the weather sucks!!! At least this way we will be saving some money up. Because we will need it!!
I feel completly into this deployment and I am not liking it. I forgot what it felt like to miss a phone call...or two. Its just a little weird...I know we all get used to it and life moves on, but I am still waiting for that.
My friend took a picture of Hubby and I right before he left and I thought I would show it to you all...I am really missing his face so much.....
Anyone got any advice for me as far as living at home and starting my first married deployment?


kelsey lauren said...

hold on tight girl... you'll make it. keep shining as the optimistic army wife that you are!!

Lacey said...

Im with kelsey stay strong girl! It gets easier as time goes by especially if you are super busy! Now that you have a job maybe that will help!!

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