Sunday, November 7, 2010

50 Free Christmas Cards!

So right now before Hubby and I take off on another adventure in FR, I am going to do one catch up blog!
I have been reading so many peoples blogs about how they picked out their Christmas cards and how they know exactly what they want. Well this year is my 1st married Christmas! I wont have Hubby here to celebrate which really sucks but we have talked about how we can spend it together, since you all know being on Iraq time Christmas last over 24 hours for us!
I have not had the chance to use Shutterfly yet, but I have a huge project ahead of me as far as doing up Photo Books, Photo Prints, and also doing a few Photo Gifts. I have plenty to do, and lots of time to do it. I have heard tonz on what good print quality they have, and how awesome their prices are and just by looking I can tell its definitely worth it! I am really super excited to do my own Christmas cards, but definitely having someone else set up the design and print them for me is the way to go!!

Heres the 3 cards I have picked out incase I win!

Oviouslly they are just very bright and simple and are not usually seen in Christmas letters which I LOVE!!
Also heres the 3 pictures I have picked out just in case!

If you wish to enter this contest for Free 50 Christmas Cards click THIS link and it will send you right to the fill-out form.
Now I got to head out the door, and will catch up on my other need to post blogs tomorrow!


LivKit said...

I filled out the form earlier and Im too excited. Your photos are beautiful! :) Have a good day!

Lacey said...

umm i won 250 business i dont have a business. gay i wanted the dang cards :)

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