Wednesday, November 24, 2010



Ya I did just quote Rhianna's song. I need help litterally send out the SOS's and find sticks to spell out HELP in the sand, shoot some flares in the air....SOMETHING because I am stuck!

My 1st married anniversery is December 30th, and I just got an email from my FRG saying that we need to send out our Christmas packages by the 5th. So because it is so damn close to Christmas I was going to just send it all together. But was not prepared to think about sending it that early.

Last deployment I sent it early anyways since I did the 12 days of Christmas, yes it was cute but man was it expensive! So now I am thinking about what to get him for christmas and the anniversery before I was ready...I have absoutly no idea what to get him for our anniversery!!!

I know I shouldnt feel awful, but I do. What can I get him? there is like nothing that I can think of that he wont have to bring back with him. Little keepsakes to wear sounded cute but I know he cannot wear them...LAME. I need ideas. I am stuck.

Sending out this SOS....anyone gonna hear it?


Lacey said...

ughh let me know what ideas you lost to

Ash@Life As Lucy said...

well how about an Ipod- does he have one of those?

Does he like to read- they have 3G kindles! I just bought one!

I'm not sure what he really likes or is interested in!

One thing special i did for Rob, was got a blanket made with mine and Caylee's picture--- that still is one of his favorites!

Priscilla said...

When my husband was deployed this past summer I made him a photo book from snap-fish of him and my son. I did it online and it was done quick. He LOVED it and said he looked at it every day and said it was the best present he ever got!

Audrey Spence said...

I like the ideas with the blanket with a photo and the photo book. I would say scan the game isle at walmart where they have little handheld games. I don't know if he likes any poker or blackjack or even sudoku. I think they have digital versions of those. I would probably say any little food items he likes. Candy and gum or things like that. Not sure what he has access to but I don't know... Those are my ideas!

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