Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Happy early Veterans Day!

Ok Everyone, I said I would get on here but I checked out the blogs I read...for just a minute and saw someone post a thing on Veterans Day....well MAN! Tomorrow I wont be blogging so I thought I would just write it up!
I am very lucky to have 2 veterans in my family!! So I would like to honor them on my own blog. 

Retired Corporal Grandpa
Specialist Promotable Hubby!

My Grand father is an amazing quirky man! He was Driver in the Army in a vehicle called a Half Track, he was drafted in the US Army during the Korean War, a few months before he married our Grandmother and about 3 months after they got married he was shipped off to basic. He was gone about 3 years, where he did get stationed in Fort Hood, TX, and Germany. When he was in Germany, Grandma could not go with him, and so she stayed living with her mom. When he was there we went to Paris, France and Italy. He never had to go to Korea, and he is very glad he didnt. Grandma has said that she had to constantly wait for letters. She said in the 3 years he was gone she only got 1 phone call. Now thats an Army Wife! Her story kinda sounds a little familiar to me... :)

Hubby has been enlisted in the US Army for 4 years and counting. He is a 13-Delta in Field Artillery. He has been promotable for over a year...which that means he can earn his Sergent or his Corporal at anytime. But because of his MOS (military operations specialty)  points are so high its been alot harder for him to reach them. He has served in the Iraq war for a 12 month tour on Operation Iraqi Freedom and is about to deploy back to Iraq on Operation New Dawn for another 12-15 month tour. Hubby is a lifer in the US Army, we will be in for at least 16 more years. Hubby did his basic training at Fort Jackson, South Carolina and did his AIT Training at Fort Sill, Oklahoma where he then got stationed at FR. 2 years later...he met me. 

I know alot of soliders and I am very thankful for all those who serve. I appreciate the wives as well who take care of their children at home while he is off fighting for our countries rights. I believe they are veterans as well. I appreciate everything the Military has given to us, and I am looking forward to meeting more Military Spouses. I love you all and God Bless America!


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