Monday, November 22, 2010


You all should go check out KELSEY'S BLOG where she did an interview on me. It was really fun and shes one of my favorite bloggers! I enjoyed it alot. I am pretty sure I was her first Army Wife interview...but I could be wrong.
Other then that today was supposta be my first day back at work.....but am I there? Nope. My mother is going to be my boss, and my sister-in-law had to work, my mother had to work, my brother had to work, and so did my who was baby sitting the baby?? No one. So who got to baby-sit? Me. No joke you guys I have been thrown into unofficial baby-sitter, doesn't matter because I am happy to get in some practice before my little one comes. I also finally got to skype with my hunny, I missed his face! We dorked around like we always do. I am very lucky to have such a dork! Anyways. I dont have much to report so I'll let you guys enjoy your manic monday.


kelsey lauren said...

you were the first army wife! thank you!

Lacey said...

yay lucky

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