Sunday, November 7, 2010

Slipping Away..

You all have no idea how bad I wanna break OPSEC, how much I wish I didnt care. But I know that wont do me any good. Just plan on when this done, and he is gone that I will post a long one.
But for right now, we are spending every moment together! He is sitting 3 feet away from me, on our blow up mattress, flipping back and forth on the remote controls between the Oakland Raiders VS Kansas City Chiefs game and this Police Videos show. I find myself constantly staring at his cuteness.
He was so sweet with me today, we had planned on hiking this hill, yes its a hill its not a mountain those do not exist here at FR, because its right outside of post and its got old army vehicles on it, and we have talked about doing it since we got married but God had different plans I woke up with my back worse then its ever been, radiating pain, and I was going to push myself. I refused to let something so stupid get in my way of spending time with him...well he noticed, he looked at me and laid me on our lame blow up mattress and rubbed my back trying to help loosen up the muscles causing me pain, which it didnt work but it was very sweet. We decided it would be better to leave the hike for another day.
Last night we did a big date, and when I drove home I started crying when Areosmith's song "I Dont Wanna Miss A Thing" shot on my ipod...tears streaming down my face I looked at him and sang it with my whole heart. He doesnt do good with me when I am being a girlie girl and bawling my eyes out, so he just held my hand and listened to me. That's all I can really ask for.
 So I didnt want to make this a huge post, since I am cooking dinner right now, just thought I would write out a few thoughts. Lots of Love and support to you all out there reading <3


Priscilla said...

Stay strong! Enjoy your time together before he leaves!!

Allison C said...

Enjoy every moment, it goes by so fast, and best of luck to you as you go through this. I know it's a difficult time.

Lacey said...

oh girl stay strong. You are right everything happens for a reason, im glad your hubby is taking care of you!

kelsey lauren said...

caleb told me that song reminds him of us as well! its so beautiful, how can you NOT burst into tears when you're going through such an emotional time.

i know you'll both cherish these last few days immensely. hold on to each other tight... and stay strong for each other! you're doing great :)

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